Forever UOB

Die offizielle Hymne zum
Festival U:O:B – Ulmich om Braand

1. Forever UOB 4:42

2. Forever UOB (Maxi-Version)
feat. Jens Ludwig Guitar Solo 5:20

3. Forever UOB (Dykes only) 4:42

4. Forever UOB (Instrumental) 4:42


Dirk „Dykes“ Müller – vocals, rhythm & lead guitar
Jens Ludwig – bass & drums, additional guitar-solo on Track 2

music and lyrics by Dirk Müller

Backing vocals by Angela, Christian, Dirk, Marina, Marko, Markus, Mathias, Matthias, Oliver, Patrick & Tatjana

recorded, mixed & mastered in December 2022 – March 2023 by Jens Ludwig

©&℗ 2023 by Dykes-Music. All rights reserved

Erhältlich ab 31.03.2023 auf allen bekannten Streaming-Plattformen und in allen Stores

The Lyrics

1st Verse

Once there were so crazy times, the world just seemed to stop.
So everyone with rocking blood, had a bleedin’ heart.
So the guys went out and found a place, where rock was here to stay.
Without a band but huge PA, they rocked the night away.


We are wild, we are free, the way we want to be.
We are wild, we are free, so come on shout with me.


UOB – We’re rockin’ the sea
UOB – For you and for me
UOB – the holy letters, the right to rock out free
Shout with me – and celebrate tonight FOREVER UOB

2nd Verse

The Journey of our rockin’ dreams, had a crazy start.
So kept the motor rollin’ to plan the second part.
There has to be a stage, the people and the bands.
Everyone‘s on fire, so come on raise your hands.

3rd Verse (Maxi-Version only)

Here we stand together now, with peace in our hearts.
To celebrate rockmusic, the bands, the crew, the stars.
Rock’n’Roll will never die, let’s party here tonight.
Come on let’s go crazy, rock into the light.


Das Musik-Video zu „Forever UOB“ ab 31.03.2023

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